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Our expertises in FMCG Sector

Why we choose FMCG sector over the other sectors for our digital currency platform has many answers that most of us are not aware as well as how Zaaica is helping FMCG sector to grow worldwide with its digital solution. FMCG sector is growing at approx 10.8% of the world's economy that is the highest and fastest growing sector itself and has the potential to four fould its size by 2030.

Zaaica's core vision is to be a part of fastest developing sector by providing digital payment solutions to FMCG players globally. Zaaica has the potential to reach billion of people worldwide and Zaaica creates the opportunity for individual and companies across the globe to trade and earn in FMCG sector that was not easy till Zaaica introduced its fully functional infrastructure around the blockchain technology.


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  • Sign up and create your account.
  • Your details with us are safe and secure.
  • Our blockchain platform facilitates you where you can trading yourself.
  • Investing into prospects and in a most powerful way you can Rent your resources,
  • So get maximum benefits and return.
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Activate ZAAICA Wallet

  • Validate your profile over our urban blockchain technology that privileged you with secure wallet.
  • ZIC wallet enables you to receive and transfer coins,
  • In a faster way than traditional banking system.
  • ZIC wallet enables you to do cross border,
  • Transaction for a friction of a current costs.
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Trade in FMCG

  • Trading in FMCG industry with ZAAICA wallet is more easier, powerful & secure than ever.
  • FMCG company's biggest concern is higher direct distribution costs as the traders are not fall in line and not organized.
  • Our blockchain technology reduces those gaps and restructures the network that makes payments process faster.
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Better ROI

  • FMCG sector takes more time.
  • ZAAICA makes your return very clear and handy to withdraw with ZIC card.
  • You can utilize your ZIC wallet balance,
  • Directly via card through distributed network in global economy.

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